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Numerous important components go into a reliable Jim Murray, Inc. pump system. Made to exacting standards, you can trust that the pump switch, alarm, and dialer you install will last for years.  The right combination of these components can spell the difference between a happy homeowner and disaster.

A pump switch provides automatic control of a pump. Working in conjunction with the pump’s float sensor, the pump switch makes sure that the pump kicks in when it’s supposed to and stays on for the proper amount of time. Rugged Jim Murray switches tolerate thousands of on-off cycles and will stand up to whatever situation you need.

Jim Murray pump alarms use either a visible light, an audible horn, or both to signal when liquids reach dangerous levels. Normally programmed to watch for high levels, an alarm can also alert at low levels. Alarms are typically found in sump and sewage basins, septic and holding tanks, and lift stations.

A dialer can be incorporated with any alarm that has auxiliary contacts. When there is an alarm condition, the dialer automatically calls the programmed phone numbers and sends a recorded message alerting you of the situation.

To purchase your switch, alarm, or dialer, go to the Pump Switches, Alarms and Dialers page of our online sump pump store. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Turn to the pros at Jim Murray, Inc. for all your pump switches, alarms, dialers, and other sump pump related needs. Your order will ship within 2 business days. Guaranteed! Place your order today!  Our staff is here to help you!

Try our Dealer Locator to find an authorized Jim Murray, Inc. representative. You’ll find knowledgeable professionals who can identify and install the right components for you.  Each dealer is highly trained on Jim Murray pumps and accessories, and knows just what to recommend for your needs.

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