Quality Control Panels Mean Superior Pump Systems

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The “brain” of any pump system, the control panel operates as well as monitors the pumps and related parts, including switches, alarms, dialers, and valves. You’ll find Jim Murray, Inc. offers control panels that operate single-phase or three-phase pumps, and simplex or duplex pump systems in all water and sewage installations.

The proper control panel can make a complex sump pump system more manageable for the business or homeowner.

Turn to the pros at Jim Murray, Inc. for help in determining the right control panel for your job. All of the pump control panels we offer stand up to the most extreme conditions you’ll find in homes, businesses, and commercial applications.  

You can shop for and purchase your control panel by heading over to our online store.  It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order will ship within 2 next business days. Guaranteed! Place your order today!

Installation of a pumping system control panel requires a licensed professional who is trained and qualified to handle both plumbing and electrical parts of your job.  You can find one or more to choose from with our Dealer Locator.  They can provide the expertise required to help you make the right decision to keep your home safe from water damage.  Call one today!
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