Who's Who at Jim Murray, Inc.

The staff of Jim Murray, Inc. is comprised of a well trained, hands on group of individuals that have real life experiences working with the products we sell.

In addition to the product knowledge, we get to know our customers by asking the right questions.  We go overboard to insure that they get the right product for their applications.

We routinely instruct approved continuing education classes for plumbing license renewal in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Real people making the real difference.



Jim Murray, 1971
Direct: 262-345-3113
Cell: 414-573-1989
Dan Burback, 1986
Operations Manager
Direct: 262-345-3104
Cell: 414-702-6188

Tom O'Brien, 1990
Commercial Sales Manager
Direct: 262-345-3101
Cell: 414-702-6189
Lisa Maier, 1998
Business Manager / Purchasing
Direct: 262-345-3102


Steve Hintz, 2001
Technical Service / Warranty & Shipping / Receiving
Cell: 414-573-1110
Dan Logan, 2002
Operations Assistant / Plant Manager
Cell: 414-573-5664


John Jackson, 2002
  Technical Sales / Order Entry

Direct: 262-345-3105

Todd Anderson, 2002
Genny Ciha, 2003
   Receptionist / Accounts Receivable         & Customer Service
Direct: 262-345-3100
Larry Thies, 2006
Product Delivery / Customer Service
Cell: 414-573-0266

Jason Hajek, 2007
Product Delivery / Customer Service
Cell: 414-573-1516
Mike Daoust, 2013
Senior Sales Manager
Direct: 262-345-3107
Cell: 262-501-6012
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