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Online Survey Results
Like any successful business, we needed to know how we measure up as your vendor so we recently emailed a survey to all of our customers. Thank you very much if you took the time to complete the survey which went out in June of this year. We had a 10% response rate to the survey.

The first question we asked was, How do we rate as your vendor? 68% said we were excellent, followed by 28% who said we were very good, and 4% rated us as good. Our goal is to be your best vendor!

We got the same response when asked how you rate the knowledgeable of our staff. Because JMI has low to no turnover, our pump experts are long time employees and have the answers to your questions, as well as the solutions to your problems.

Another positive response from our customers included our prompt quote turnaround time. 87% of you rated us as always prompt, 10% as sometimes prompt, and 3% said we are average. We understand that you need a quick quote turn around time so that you can bid your jobs.

Our website is a valuable tool, available 24/7 and some of our customers take advantage of it on a regular basis. You are able to place an on-line order, pull up spec sheets, check pump curves, view owners manuals, trouble shoot, and read these interesting blogs! Of those who responded, 54% visit our website on a regular basis, and a few prefer to pick up the phone and call us.
Please check it out if you have not already done so at

When we asked you what we could be doing better, we did learn that many of you would like a new catalog. We may elaborate on our price book as well. Stay tuned for that, we think it’s a great idea! We do some custom catalogs for some of our customers, tailored to their needs. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, just ask. We would be happy to put something
together for you.

Let us share with you some of the comments we received:

“Quality people, led by a quality owner with a friendly staff. One of my favorite vendors.  Grateful to the contractor who connected me with Jim and his staff”

“Very knowledgeable and quick to get us the products we need”

“Orders on time or ahead of time”

“Very few things they don’t know about the industry”

“If they don’t have the answer, which is very rare, they find it and get back to me quick”

“You do a great job. A shout out to the delivery driver, he does a great job!"

“These guys do a great job. They go out of their way to make sure we have what we need when we need it”

Thanks again if you took the time to tell us what you think. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us anytime!

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